Absorbing Man is a villain that can be fought randomly during gameplay. The only catch is that you must be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent for him to summon. He is a relatively difficult boss and it is recommended you are at least a Level 4 agent.


Absorbing Man has the ability to change his appearance to anything he touches. If he holds his hand against iron, he becomes iron and also as tough and strong as iron. The only fault in his powers is that he can only absorb solids, not liquids like water and fire.


Absorbing Man has 3 forms; wood, rock and iron.

In his wood form, he is damaged more from axes and fire than other attacks. He is also more calm and runs towards the players, punching and jumping. In his wood form, he can only be defeated through fire and lava based attacks, otherwise he heals himself automatically.

In his stone form, he is damaged more from pickaxes. He runs and jumps at the player and also seeks them out if they stray from his vision. He is less calm and goes into more of a frenzy attack. In his stone form, he can only be defeated by the use of pickaxes and swords.

In his iron form, he takes very little damage and it is advised you have enchanted weapons to take him down. He runs and jumps, punching and seeks out the player and also heals himself by touching more iron. He is very violent and doesn't stop attacking until the player is dead or he dies.