Asgardians missions are missions that are set to take place in the several realms floating above and around the central city. These missions can only be attempted by Level 3 Agents and onwards and have a medium difficulty rating.

List Of MissionsEdit

Over The Rainbow: Cut off the charging army of Hel's dead warriors from the Bifrost and succesfully reach the top of the rainbow

Ashes To Lava: Deep in the heart of Muspelheim the demon Surtur awaits one who dares challenges him for the Twilight Sword

Icy Reception: The Frost Giants of Jotunheim are suffering due to global warming and are sending their leader Ymir to freeze the earth.

Thy Kingdom Come: The Norse God of Tricks Loki has taken over the throne to Asgard, its time to show him his errors.

The Dark World: Dark Elves are gathering around the worlds and only one man, or elf, is behind this, Malekith the Accursed.