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The Electric Cherry Machine, With The Item It Holds

Electric Cherry Is A Perk-a-Cola Machine That Appears In The Minecraft Zombies Map "Undead Neighbourhood" And Based Its Popularity It Might Or Might Not Appear In "Hijacked Zombies" If It Is Positively Received


The Machine Is A 2 Block High Dispenser System With A Dispenser On The Bottom And A Block Of Dark Grey Wool On The Top. An Item Frame Is Placed On The Front Of The Dark Grey Wool Block With A Cobweb Inside To Symbomlize Its Ability. There Is A Button On The Right Side To Activate The Machine And A Sign On The Left Side That Reads "Electric Cherry".


In Black Ops 2 Zombies Electric Cherry Costs 2000 Points And Has The Following Effects:

  • When A Player Reloads, A Shockwave Will Generae Around The Player For 3 - 5 Seconds, Shocking Nearby Zombies

The Fact That The Ability Could Not Be Recreated Into Minecraft Zombies, This Is What It Has Been Done. 

  • Players Are Given 6 Cobwebs To Place On The Map, Buying Electric Cherry For A Second Time Gives Them More Cobwebs

The Items That Electric Cherry Gives Are Cobwebs Which Slows Down Mobs That Walk Through It. In Multiplayer Shock Charges Slow Down Players Who Walk Through Them, Hence The Use Of Cobwebs In The Electric Cherry Perk.

Recommended Usage TipsEdit

TheRealTimeGerbil: Seal Off Doorways Or Places In Clusters Around The Map. Electric Cherry Is A Brilliant Perk To Use If You Use It Right, But Be Warned, Electric Cherry Works Against You As Well!


Undead Neighbourhood: In One Of The Sheds In The Houses Backyards

Achievements Relating To ArticleEdit

(30 Gold Nuggets) Shocking: In Undead Neighbourhood, Use Electric Cherry By All The Perk Machines Including Its Own


  • Who's Who And Electric Cherry Are The Only Perks That Give The Players More Than One Of The Item They Hold On The First Buy