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The Basic Look Of An Extremis Grenade

The Extremis Grenade Is A Type Of Throwable Weapon That Can Only Be Bought After A Player Completes Any Mission Involving AIM. It Is Just A Splash Potion Of Poison With A Long Time Of Affecting A Mob. It Can Be Purchased At The S.H.I.E.L.D. Store Or Can Be Manufactured At Home If One Has The Materials And The Approval Of A Moderator/Admin.


The Extremis Grenade Is An Unstable Formula Of The Extremis Virus Manufactured By AIM. It Is The Splash Potion Of Poison But Given A Different Name. 

Where To FindEdit

You Can Purchase An Extremis Grenade At The S.H.I.E.L.D. Store!

1 Extremis Grenade = 20 Gold Nuggets

3 Extremis Grenade = 1 Stack Gold Nuggets

6 Pack Of Extremis Grenade = 2 Stack Gold Nuggets

Recommended Usage TipsEdit

TheRealTimeGerbil: I Strongly Recommended Using These Grenades In Boss Fights Such As The Rhino Or Mandarin Boss Fights. The Bosses May Heal Themselves With Some Milk, But They Sure As Hell Take A Lot Of Damage!

What It DoesEdit

The Extremis Grenade Harms Mobs Due To The Fact That The Extremis Formula Is Unstable And Has A Negative Reaction With The Human Body. It Works Just Like A Poision Splash Potion.


  • TheRealTimeGerbil Thought Of Using Extremis Grenades After Watching Iron Man 3 And Saw What Happened When The Body Coudln't Handle Extremis