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TheRealTimeGerbil In The Mark 40 Shotgun Suit

The Mark 40 Shotgun Suit Is A Suit Used By TheRealTimeGerbil If There Is Trouble Anywhere In The World, Especially In Situations Where There Is Extreme Heights And Rough Combat.


The Mark 40 Is Made Up Of Four Parts; An Iron Helmet, Iron Leggings, Iron Boots And A Chainmail Chestplate. It Was Inspired And Was Named Off The Shotgun Suit From The Iron Man 3 Film.


The Mark 40 Can Be Found In The Batcave's "Wine Cellar" Opposite The Heartbreaker Armour. The Prototype Armour Can Be Found Above, The Prototype Helmet, Leggings And Boots Belong To The Mark 2 And The Chestplate Belongs To The Mark 3.


The Mark 40 Shotgun Suit Is Used By TheRealTimeGerbil When He Poses As Iron Man. If You Call For Tony Stark During A S.H.I.E.L.D. Mission You Can Request The Type Of Suit He Wears To Suit The Situation. The Shotgun Suit Should Typically Be Requested For Long Distance Crisis Situations.

The Armour Can Withstand Many Hits, Is Mostly Resistant To Poison And Has Dual Repulsors. The Suit Can Also Detach Itself Onto Other Players.