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The PhD Flopper Machine With Its Item

PhD Flopper is a Perk-A-Cola that was introduced in the map Ship Der Untoten, based off the perk of the same name from Black Ops 1 and 2.


The machine is a 2 block tall structure. The bottom block is a dispenser and the top block is a piece of magenta wool, with a button on its right side and a sign saying PhD Flopper on its left side. On the front of the magenta block is an item frame with a pair of iron boots to symbolise its abilities.


In Black Ops 1 and 2, PhD Flopper gave the user the following abilities for 2000 points:

  • Creating a mini-nuke when diving to prone
  • No fall damage can be taken
  • No self damage can be inflicted

Since almost none of these could be created in Minecraft, these abilities were given for 20 Rotten Flesh:

  • Iron Boots with feather falling, to symbolise the no fall damage effect

Recommended Usage TipsEdit

Time Gerbil: Use in combination with the Kevlar BP Fish and Juggernog for maximun resistance against the zombie hordes.


Ship Der Untoten: Above the Pack-A-Punch room, next to the Bowie Knife

Undead Neighbourhood: In one of the four houses


  • PhD Flopper is Time Gerbil's favourite perk