Bosses are specific individuals that have certain qualities that make them superior, which makes them bosses. Here is a list of S.H.I.E.L.D. bosses that are confirmed at this point.

The ListEdit

Galactus: The cosmic devourer of planets, can destroy entire galaxies in weeks

MODOK: A supreme computer programme that contains all the knowledge of the AIM terrorist group

The Mandarin: The leader of the current Triad, has 10 magical rings that give him special abilities

Chamelon: A mass murder that cuts off peoples faces and wears them as his own

Rhino: A man in a hulking Rhino suit, giving him superhuman qualities

Mephisto: A demon, Satan himself, who rules the normal underworld

Loki: A frost giant adopted by Odin at birth, possessess immense, almost limitless power

Mole Man: A social outcast who rules the underground tunnels of Subterria

Kraven The Hunter: A warrior who is always looking to hunt big game, wears a lion skin giving him special abilities

Living Laser: Science experiment gone wrong, he can move at the speed of light

Dragon Man: A dragon with a humanoid skeleton, can fly and shoot fire

Mysterio: A magician who can teleport, fly and cast vivid and mind bloggling illusions

Surtur: A demon from Mephiliheim who can shoot fire and everything he touches burns

Ymir: Current leader of the frost giants, a ice version of Surtur

Malekith the Accursed: Leader of the Dark Elves, can teleport and shoots deadly arrows

Red Skull: The leader of the terrorist group HYDRA, no abilities but very dangerous

Thanos: A titan that controls the entire universe at his fingertips

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