The Tech and Research floor of the S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ is the 3rd floor on the complex. It has 8 tables in which agents can use certain items from missions to create better and more destructive items, although these items take in-game time to research.

What to researchEdit

Here is a list of everything you can research for yourself and exactly how to do it:

1. Extremis Grenades :

Level Required: Any

Unlocked during mission: With Great A.I.M.

During the part of the mission where you have infiltrated the secret A.I.M. facility, there will be chests full of the Extremis Virus that Nick Fury will send you a transmission saying he wants them all destroyed. However, if you take at least 1 sample of the virus to the Tech and Research labs, the scientist can synthesize a version that stabilises its ability for mutating on contact to infecting the victim to the point where they are very weak, to which then the virus is destroyed. This synthesized sample is then mass produced after 2 more missions and can be bought at the S.H.I.E.L.D. store .

2. Camo-mask :

Level Required: Any

Unlocked during mission: Free roaming

Behind one of the moutains on the eastern side of the map is the Chameleon's cliff hideout where his masks are displayed on poles. Taking one of the masks to the Tech and Research Centre, the scientist will research it ability to change voice and allow optical camoflague, applying it onto any further masks you find takes 1 in-game day. You will also get the achievement "Forever Changing " once the mask is handed in. The technology takes 3 more missions to be fully researched and it costs nothing to bring a mask to the scientist for him to change.

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