The Following Are Achievements You Can Unlock In The Minecraft Zombies Map "Ship Der Untoten". The Total Amount Of Gold Nuggets You Can Earn From All These Achievements Is 1164 Gold Nuggets.


  • (10 Stack Gold Nuggets) It All Started Here: In Ship Der Untoten, Set The Virus Ablaze
  • (1 Stack Gold Nuggets) And A Bottle Of Rum: In Ship Der Untoten, Buy Every Perk In One Game
  • (30 Nuggets) Bon Voyage: In Ship Der Untoten, Kills 5 Zombies In 1 Game By Knocking Them Off The Ship
  • (1 Stack Gold Nuggets) Got Me Some Dubloons: In Ship Der Untoten, Have 3 Stacks Of Points At Once
  • (45 Gold Nuggets) Davy Jones's Locker: In Ship Der Untoten, Open Up The Pack-A-Punch Room
  • (1 Stack Gold Nuggets) Doubled-Edged Blade: In Ship Der Untoten, Have Every Melee Weapon At Once
  • (1 Stack Gold Nuggets) Door Destroyer: In Ship Der Untoten, Open All Doors Before Round 8
  • (2 Stack Gold Nuggets) Godly Guns: In Ship Der Untoten, Obtain The Ray Gun And Scavenger At The Same Time
  • (50 Gold Nuggets) A Family Divided: In Ship Der Untoten, Hear Tom And Rob's Story
  • (1 Stack Gold Nuggets) Stuff Got Serious: In Ship Der Untoten, All 4 Players Have Operational Sentry Guns


  • The Achievement "Bon Voyage" Bears The Same Concept As The Same Achievment From BioShock Infinte Except In BioShock Infinite You Must Kill 25 Enemies By Knocking Them Off Columbia