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A hands on guide to the mysterious and wonderful Minecraft Xbox server of Time Gerbil, brought to you buy Time Gerbil himself! All players of the server are welcome to edit, share and add relevant and important knowledge to the topic

What its all about!Edit

Aiming to have the best Minecraft Xbox server ever! On my server there is a wide variety of things and activities to perform! Fight villianious Marvel comic villains as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, complete GTA V online style heists and robberies, build a house or buy a house, earn achievements that give you free money, play Call of Duty in Minecraft on custom maps and the fan-favourite Hijacked from Black Ops 2, slay zombies in a similar manner to how its done in Black Ops 2, compete in hectic minigames, travel to alternate dimensions and acquire relics of immense power, have friends come over to your crib to mingle and socialise, earn yourselves a spot on the leaderboards, hang out with the Avengers themselves and have a kick ass time. Minecraft just got a whole lot better!

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During The Early Stages Of Building The Server, The Oracle Had A Vision Of This