The Following Are Achievements You Can Unlcok In The Minecraft Zombies Map "Undead Neighbourhood". The Total Amount Of Gold Nuggets You Can Earn From All These Achievements Is 1223 Gold Nuggets.


(10 Stack Golden Nuggets) Premdeditated Preparation: In Undead Neighbourhood, Discover What The Government Was Hiding

(10 Gold Nuggets) Indestrucable: In Undead Neighbourhood, Survive An Explosion From A Detonator

(45 Gold Nuggets) Vroom Vroom Boom: In Undead Neighbourhood, Use The Car Trap To Kill 7 Or More Zombies

(1 Stack Gold Nuggets) House Arrest: In Undead Neighbourhood, Let Each Member Of 4 Players Survive In One Of The Houses For A Round

(30 Gold Nuggets) Shocking: In Undead Neighbourhood Use Electric Cherry By All Of The Perk Machines, Including Its Own

(3 Stack Gold Nuggets) Survival Of The Well Equipped: In Undead Neighbourhood, Have The Turbine, All 8 Perks And A Pack-A-Punched Melee Wepaon All At Once

(2 Stack Gold Nuggets) Door Demolisher: In Undead Nieghbourhood, Open All The Doors And Use All The Travel Buggies By Round 12

(1 Stack Gold Nuggets) It's A Bit Late: In Undead Neighbourhood Receive Some Late Warnings

(20 Gold Nuggets) Woof Woof: In Undead Neighbourhood, Fido, Spike, Morgan And Angel Eat Their Food

(30 Gold Nuggets) Napping On The Job: In Undead Neighbourhood, Take A Well-Desevered Rest